Journal of Imaginary Research, the horror version.
Journal of Imaginary Research, the just for fun one.
Journal of Imaginary Research, the weird one.

Written (not yet published):

Killing, Louise is a mystery/horror novel. The brainchild of many years of working in backstage theatre, playing with smoke and mirrors, this is a story of deceit, of locked rooms, creaking floorboards, whispers in the night and a nasty old secret which could be fatal to unravel. Louise is about to find out that this particular play is dangerous for those that do not know their lines, but even more so for those that do.
Word count: 128k

A mystery with mythological elements, Thanatos is set against the backdrop of a fading pandemic. The world, finally settling after decades of disease, has changed. Behind the scenes, Future himself has gone missing and Death is tasked with the job of finding the annoying git. It should be simple, but Death can’t shake the feeling that there is something terribly wrong about the whole affair. Somewhere, somehow, he is being hunted.
Word count: 89k

Works in Progress:

The WIPs include a Lovecraft-inspired horror story taking place off the North Sea coast mixed with elements of Norwegian folklore (working title: Drip-drip-drip), and a horror story set in the far north, on the Russian-Norwegian border, rooted in old regional tales (working title: Black waters). I am also working on a series of horror short stories, based on Norwegian folklore and set in modern-day Norway (working title: Seven stories).