The most amazing bookstore in Oslo

The most amazing bookstore in Oslo is surely Eldorado. It’s the sort of place I could happily spend hours and hours, walking between the shelves or sitting quietly in a corner. The building was a theatre up until 1911, when it became a cinema, and it stayed a cinema until 2012, when it turned into a bookstore offering free coffee (black, filter), plush chairs and more than 3000m2 of books. It’s got nooks and crannies aplenty mixed with big open spaces, and even stages and seating preserved from its cinema days. And everywhere there’s books. Not just your standard best-sellers, but pretty much everything, organised by publishing house. Effectively, the publishing houses ‘rent’ a shelf in the bookstore to display their books, which makes for very interesting browsing. And to top it all off, the creperie by the entrance serves really nice food.


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