About me

I write books. To be specific, I have written two and published none (yet). My writing blends horror and dark fantasy with elements of mystery, sci-fi, folklore and mythology. While fond of anti-heroes, I find nothing beats a good anti-villain and I love stories with a vicious streak.

I grew up in western Norway with its rough weather and cold seas, and spent my holidays in my mother's childhood home in the arctic north. This has influenced my forays into horror. Having lived in Oxford since 2003, I recently relocated to Sheffield - the Steel City - where I enjoy my day job working with magnets and poking at brains. M.H.Johnsen is a pseudonym to keep the creative and science writing apart.


I like horror. I also like fantasy, mystery, science fiction, science non-fiction, non-science non-fiction, and a host of other genres. Favourite titles include Dark Matter (Michelle Paver), Good Omens (Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman), Rebecca (Daphne De Maurier), The Stormlight Archive series (Brandon Sanderson) and the excellent On Writing (Stephen King). I also have a blog on books and genre literature called 'Oh, the horror...' Please visit it to read my latest book reviews or mini-essays on storytelling, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments. Snippets from my recent posts are listed below.


I have completed two novels, am working on two more, and have recently published two creative pieces in the Journal of Imaginary Research (2017 & 2018, links to come). Click on the images below for a bit more information about my projects.


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Email: johnsenmh(at)gmail.com

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